View from Starbucks.

  1. It’s pretty quiet here today. That may be because I parked myself in front of a Blue Man Group ad or I’m still stuck in my delusional world of obsessive mosquito bite scratching.
  2. A wrap skirt day.
  3. A New York day.
  4. Hipsters in big glasses.
  5. Cigarettes.
  6. Tourists.
  7. Traffic is steady today. The people, less so.
  8. 1.800.Blue.Man
  9. Gingham.
  10. Suitcases. Suitcases.
  11. I prefer an unnecessarily heavy tote.
  12. Yellow construction tape. Orange construction cones.
  13. Bus.
  14. Bus pulling away.
  16. Cardboard prophecies. Ellegies.
  17. Burka.
  18. Hijab.
  19. Shirtless guy.
  20. Green lights.
  21. Second shirtless guy.
  22. Stake in tree.

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