Midnight Snack: 2/1/2013

Oh hey. It’s been a while. A long one. My rather usual indulgence in school and all things extracurricular has seemingly eaten whatever time it is I have for writing this blog. But I’m back, at least for a short while, with a brain-ramble that is long overdue. As a second semester junior, the end of college creeps ever closer with each essay that I seem to be writing on “The Metaphysics of Religious Existence in mid-to-late 18th Century Russia,” and I don’t think I’m prepared. At all. I like writing my essays. Structured and graded, I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING. I don’t think I can say the same of my metaphysical and existential place in THE REAL WORLD– but if I could write an essay about it, things might be easier. I don’t think you’re ever handed a rubric in the grown-up world, but to write is to process. I think that may be the idealistic writer in me talking, but hey, that’s obviously what the Moleskine journal collection was intended for.

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