I’m learning the hard way that writing is hard. That putting words on a page, one after the other, is hard.  That building a life in words is hard. That describing pinky, middle toe, and the thickness of her eyelashes, is hard. That to create being and gracefully force meaning into seemingly arbitrary words that may never get read, sucks. And is hard.

Hearing the word “no” never gets easier. And no, getting one more rejection letter doesn’t ever get easier either. I often wonder if I’m just missing out on some magic writers’ secret. Maybe I didn’t get the memo this week, or more likely in this lifetime. But in some, perhaps screwed up way, I’m happy not to be on the list. Glad that the powers that be got the address wrong this time and sent that memo to a CPA named Rob up in Vermont. Tension and challenge make for great stories. Create reasons for us to find our own secrets, and better yet, to write our own memos.

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